2017: A photographic journey



dave's stream picture


Iowa creek at sunrise, Council Bluffs, Iowa

  Dave Cherrington  
  February 14, 2017, Canon 60D, Canon 35-135mm lens at 135mm, ISO 400, F9, 1/500 sec.  
With my new job I get to drive to the bluffs that are Council Bluffs. The last 5 miles I drive along this creek. I have always thought that It looked picturesque, so when Wayne emails me saying that I have 2 days for a picture I knew where I wanted to go. The only problem is everything is dead and brown. So I left for work a little early so I could catch the sunrise and try and catch that golden light. I will probably try it againĀ  once things start to come back to life.

picture for the month of February, 2017



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