2017: A photographic journey



Rich Waterfall picture


Nebraska Waterfall, Platte River State Park, Louisville, Nebraska

  Rich Watson  
  February 4, 2017, Nikon D5200, Nikon 17-55 ED Lens,  17mm, ISO 100, F8, 92 sec  
When I went to Platte River State Park to get my picture, this was not what I had in my mind.  I knew the waterfall was there, but I thought it would be all dried up because of the lack of snow this winter.  As I headed down the trail I began to hear the fall and was surprised when I got there to see running water.  The ice was a huge surprise and once I saw it I knew I had something to work with. Not dressed to stand in the shallow water, my only angle was a side view.  It was late afternoon so it was getting pretty dark so I had to use a tripod and cable release.  The lesson I learned from this was to keep an open mind and be ready for unexpected.  I wasn't even going to check out the falls until I heard them.  Boy am I glad I did.  



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