2017: A photographic journey



picture of omaha fireworks


Ringing in the New Year

  Rich Watson  
  December 31, 2016, Nikon D5200, Nikon 17-55 ED Lens,  30mm, ISO 800, F8, 1/100 sec  

It is a City of Omaha tradition to shoot off fireworks on New Year’s Eve.  Every year my family and I go downtown to see them.  They may only last 15 minutes, but it just doesn’t seem like the new year until you have watched the fireworks.  We always go to the same spot to watch them, but this year, knowing I needed a picture for this assignment, I wanted to try something different. 

With tripod and cable release in hand, we all headed down to the show.  I know the area well so I had this spot in mind.  I checked out a couple other ones, but always ended up coming back to this site.  The City puts up around a million lights in the trees so I really wanted to include them in this year’s picture. After taking several pictures I liked this one the best because the fireworks match all those Christmas lights.  I had a lot of colored fireworks, but for me, this one just looked cleaner because the colors all matched.  


picture for the month of January, 2017



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