2017: A photographic journey



Rich's June picture


Before the Storm, Sarpy County, Nebraska

  Rich Watson  
  June 16, 2017 Nikon D750   Nikkor 24-120 ED Lens F-4 1/320 of a second.  24mm ISO 800  
We get some pretty nasty storms that come through Omaha in the early summer and this one was no exception.  With safety being of utmost importance, I made the decision to catch the leading edge of the storm and then take shelter at home and come back after the storm passed.  It turned out to be a great idea as this storm brought very strong winds, hail and two small tornado's about a mile from where I took this picture.  This picture was originally shot in color, but the minute I saw it I knew it had to be converted to black and white, which I did in Lightroom.  I generally am not a fan of black and white, but this is one of those times where the picture looked so much better in black and white compared to in color.  It is a pretty straight forward picture taken in manual mode and on a tripod.  I was really hoping to get a lightning strike in the picture. but that wan't meant to be on this night. 





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