2017: A photographic journey



Wayne's march picture


Bald Eagle, Lake Manawa, Council Bluffs, Iowa

  Wayne Huffman  
  February 21, 2017, Canon 7D MKII, Canon 100-400 L lens, 400mm, ISO 200, F8, 1/500 sec..  

Lake Manawa in Council Bluffs, Iowa, is on the migratory route of Geese, Ducks and American Bald Eagles flying north as the season changes from winter to spring. An unusually warm February meant the lake was free of ice and a prime stopover for the birds to rest and feed before continuing their journey north. There were as many as 90 eagles at the lake the day my Dad and I went. Many of them were across the lake and out of range, but as we drove along the east side of the lake I could see two soaring high over the water, letting the wind carry them towards us. I stepped out of the truck as they neared us, it was just a matter of framing the nearest one and trying to track it smoothly as it flew over.

At 400mm it's crucial to match speed with the subject because any variance can mean a blurred image as the subject moves within the frame. Fractions of an inch at distances of hundreds of yards can mean the difference between a shot that's in focus and a shot that's a blurred mess. This was the most dramatic posture for the eagle and the sharpest of all my shots. I also liked how the motion of the farthest wing blurred a little, focusing attention on the head. I was lucky not only to get this shot, but also to see these eagles on such a beautiful day. They are amazing and majestic birds.





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