2017: A photographic journey



Wayne's May picture


F7F Tigercat, Chino, California

  Wayne Huffman  
  May 7, 2017, Canon 7D MKII, 100-400 L lens, 285mm, ISO 200, F10, 1/320 sec..  

The Planes of Fame airshow in Chino, California is famous around the world as the best display of warbirds (WWII planes) anywhere. Aviation enthusiasts from all over come for this weekend of flying. The weather this year was temps in the 60's, and rain. I brought all my raingear out, a raincover for my camera and lens, plastic bags for my gear and got ready for whatever would happen.

One of the few breaks in the clouds came during the F7F Tigercat demonstration. This plane entered the war too late to see combat and very few were made. It's the largest twin engine propeller driven fighter ever produced. It's extremely fast and the dark color makes it hard to get a well exposesd shot. I tried to keep my shutter speed low to blur the props although at this angle the prop disc tends to flatten out and the blur is not as dramatic. Shooting long and slow makes focusing difficult but I got lucky. The clouds and the light were just right. I've tried every year to get a good picture of this plane and I finally got one I'm happy with.




picture for the month of May, 2017



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